So...how many matching tattoos do you guys have again?

S-A-Mantha was in town. It was awesome. As well as give all y'all a few pics from her visit, here's a list of stuff that happened between Counts and Pant picking her up at the airport on Friday and me dropping her off last Monday.

1. Went to the ol' LoHo for some midday PBR's with Brodeur and Mindy. Ahh...Molotovs.
2. Rocked Ye Ol' Whiskey Thieves for some Oly's in true Sea-Town style.
3. Got really really really drunk to the point where we were forced to coin the term: Bone, Thugs and Harmony.
--3a. I should explain. When a Bone Queen gets drunk, things happen.
--3b. Samantha and I used to live in a basement where 'walls' provided privacy but not soundproofing. We learned to deal with each others Bone Fests, including but not limited to the famed Baby Faced Techie and Surly Bartender Night.
--3c. She totally slept through it, but unfortunately my phone rang mid bone at 4am, forcing us to coin the term Bone Phone. Don't worry, this information will be submitted to the Urban Dictionary as soon as possible.
4. Oh! and we danced to: 99 Red Baloons--Goldfinger; Fully Retractable--Soul Coughing; Everything's Not Lost--Coldplay; and I think some Ramones or something. Dude, I was DRUNK.
5. Went to Summer Place and had some crazy/beautiful cocktails. Don't even know what the hell we were drinking. Apparently, it was enough to thwart the purpose of the Bone Sabbath (Saturday night) as 4am found me with a killer champagne headache looking for a bowl for Sam to puke in. I found a bowl.
5. "Generals gathering their masses. Can you hear me? Are you from my brain?" (This is called War Pigs: Dale's Version. Sam and I sing it drunk on every available occasion.)
6. "And these things, it stands to reason these things won't kill me." (from "Fully Retractable". Again with the singing and dancing.)
7. "Danananadananana...BONE PHONE!" (this is to the tune of the Batman theme.)
8. Went to Amber with Counts, Shaun (Boy Wonder) and Sally-boo of LoHo fame. Samantha agreed that Shaun is indeed prettier than most women.
9. Woke up on Monday like lethargic little alchoholics, but still managed to make it to Cafe LaOnda in the Mission, Upper Playground in LoHo, and just about a grillion stores up the way near Ashbury looking for a very specific hat for her boyfriend Ian. We did not find the hat.
10. We donned our matching red track jackets, grabbed her stuff, and hopped on the BART for a little underwater adventure to the Oakland airport. I hate airplanes when they work in the opposite way that they are intended--when they steal from you everything you've ever loved.

[I love you. Oh, and BONE PHONE]

[p.s.--to answer your question, I have exactly 6 tattoos that somebody else in this world has. A star and two chinese characters on my stomach, A line from a song on my back, and a red balloon, another line from a song, and a bird on my arm. The three on my arm I share with Sam. "Is Chicago/is not Chicago" courtesy of Mike Doughty, "I'll be coming home soon" courtesy of the Walkmen (and Jenny-Bean, of course) and soon to come: "Chasing after stories that have already been told" to be shortly around my left wrist courtesy of Gomez and that ever illusive Rythm and Blues Alibi.]


lauren said...

aww...you guys look so happy! love you!

Sam said...

Nice Bewbs!
Where'd mine go?