Bone Sabbath Eve

"And lo, the young maid did pronounce: 'tonight is a night for debauchery!'  And so it was, and the 'Loin was full of the laughter of the beautiful ones.  Fear not young lads!  There are after parties to be had, for Counts is in Seattle, and Punk Rock and canned beer will be enjoyed past the hour of 2:00 am, and it shall be good."

It's Friday kiddos.


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~PhoenixRising said...

bahahahahaha! I GOT MY HATER-BLOCKERS ON!!!!

No, seriously, last night I had this adorable young lady drive me home... and stay there... in my bed... making out... for hours...

Life could not do wrong at the moment. Though I didn't get the number, but she's friends of friends, so the number is around. Numbers are always around.

I'm going to go shave off this beard now....