Cherry Poppin' Mama's

"And lo, Lower Haight proved not enough action for young Miranda, and so at Erica's request she traipsed down yonder to Rye and was lucky to behold young Australian Lads. But fear not my friends! You had better freakin' believe that this young lass did not leave the bar without hot Australian in tow, oh no. And so, in time, it was revealed that said young man had in fact never previously partaken in such pleasures of the flesh, and was not, in fact even 21 years old."


[p.s.--19. double oops.]


~PhoenixRising said...

LOL. I'm going out on a date with a 19 year old in a few days, so don't feel bad. Though you did corrupt a lad. Shame! :)

Milkshake said...

That's me: The Virgin Surgeon.

the wife said...

Welcome to the club darlin' :kiss: