Davey Calls Miranda Part Two: Mom Get's Mad At Boy and His Dog and The Random Girl He's On the Phone With


"Sup. Yo. What's shakin' in San Fran?"

"Not a whole lot. Hmm...well, got denied hard last week, my best girlfriend here started stripping, Pete left town, and me and Shaun are inseperable as of late. That's about it. Oh; work is good and the girls say hi."

"What girls?"

"Sam and Jen, duh. Are you drunk?"

"Yes. Yes I am. It's all about the Sangria, you know? Sangria."

"Right. Poolside?"

"I wish. So check this..."

"Check what?"

"Tattoos. We gotta get tattoos. Me, you and Sammilu."

"Nice work wordsmith, you just wrote a poem."

"Yeah, you know. I'm hot like that. It's like, you gotta remove the hater shades and let the freestyle flow. You catchin' this?"

"You're drunk."

"And you're metahating."

"Technically I'm not metahating."

"True. So tattoos? Yeah? We golden on this one? Oh, and also, I'm gonna need you in Seattle for this."

"What? I'm not going to Seattle. Not yet. I got shit to do, man."

"Oh...dude...hold on."


"[To mom.] Yeah, it's MIranda. [Pause.] Miranda. [Pause.] Yes I'll be in bed soon. Promise. [Pause.] Yes mother, this boy and his dog are deeply sorry. Deeply. And we will keep it down. Promise. Seriously. [Pause.] Seriously.

"Your Mom?"

"Yeah. What a complete hater. She's totally hatin' on this awesome coast-to-coast drunken dial. Haters. Forget them."

"Now who's metahating?"


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charles.bukowski.costanza said...

dude. i haven't read you in a while and just had a much needed catch up session. you're funny, fuck. for reals and deals. love you miss you want you; m.