Okay fine, Davey. I'll come.

So Everyone, Milkshake will be headin' round Seattle way Sep 2-5.
Don't worry, This time I'll bring my 305 and my 415 phone. No problems this time, promise.

And Davey and I are gonna be rockin' some hot-ass car: like an Echo or an Accent. Tight. I hope it's silver [*fingers crossed*]. This time, lets not get it towed.

Saturday, September 02 - OAKLAND CA(OAK) to SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA)
Flight 1216 M
Depart OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 6:40PM and
Arrive in SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA) at 8:35PM

Tuesday, September 05 - SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA) to OAKLAND CA(OAK)
Flight 2864 M
Depart SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA) at 9:40PM and
Arrive in OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 11:45PM


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~PhoenixRising said...

God DAMNED Southwest is cheap when you book online. 80$ to fly one-way? How come they don't rock the left-coast a little more? Anyway, I'm booked on the same flight as you backdown to SF on the 5th. :)