Got My Crunk On


1. The veneral DJ Cams was in the store yesterday regaling us with both his high voltage music and hotness. There was also sake, wine, champagne, and other assorted alchohol.
2. Mr. Brian Bennett had the after party in honor of Cari's last day. It was tight.
3. Was all hot off a different Brian, but kept getting cock-blocked by Andy and Shaun who we're all like: "Omigod! I love you Miranda! Omigod! Omigod!"
4. Bigfoot. Beer. Sasquatch. Brian Bennet totally kissed me on the neck. Bad Brian, bad Brian.
5. Beer. Shaun's house. Nice.
6. Some guy who's girlfriend was in the other room kept hitting on me. What the fuck? Don't get it. She's right there. Right there.
7. Cafe Mason. Ate a sandwich.
8. 4:30 AM. Have lost my phone. Back to Cafe Mason.
9. Back home. It's 5.
10. Somehow, on the most rockass of Bone Sabbaths, I managed to kiss three boys, end up with one in my bed, and sleep with none. Go figure.

Now, I will go get my crunk on, which means smoking a menthol and eating an Atomic Fireball with a mouthful of strawberry Pop-Rocks and Dr. Pepper. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
[p.s.--while hopping up and down.]

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~PhoenixRising said...

You got me beat, OUTCRUNKED again. :(