On Lust and Paper

When the shades are drawn,
we find our Stories slumped, heaped into
a mess of artful archives,
a thought reduced to
chicken-scratched college ruled
typed and collated copy,
spiral bound,
four thousand one hundred and
sixteen words are
shaped into a shapely image.
Like one long bite
dipped from a many layered Cake,
a soft-skinned
clipped and curled
groomed and manicured hand
is placed across a round belly,
an errant leg juts across a lap
and the Cabbie notes the two in the back
just before the lean,
a lean hand brought to a cheek,
grasping at straws and
waiting for the morning and
hoping the fog will not roll over Telegraph Hill;
that in the day we can be clear,
that in four or five blocks time
we will have something left to tell
for Sunday afternoon will hear switchboards click
and Satellites turn toward
bitmapped binary voices when
phone lines and Faith are all we are left
to bridge two coasts.

[“Muses” is done. Well, you know. Done for now. Special thanks to Hunstman&Hodson who I will be utilizing again very soon--let me run it by a couple of the San Franciscans before I resend. But be ready.]


charles.bukowski.costanza said...

not to be your constant editor, but in line 31, the imagery could be sharpened with an addition, such as "phone lines and Faith [and Play-Doh] are all er are left," or you could go the other way: "sex lines and video faith are all we are left."

re: Muses, i was born f'ing ready, f me. like our boy tubbs likes to say, "Smooth. That's how we do it."

~PhoenixRising said...

Bahahaa. Ok, so, uh, I'm headed down to S. Florida tonight. Have any friends down there that need a random stranger showing up at 9am sunday morning looking for a couch to sleep on for a few hours?

Call my 321-303-2846 number. I don't have youe cell # at present time. :(

~PhoenixRising said...

Oh yeah. Bumbershoot. That's what I'm saying. Come on, it'd be the bestest time to go to Seattle. Check out some GREAT music, hang an extra day or two. Or just come for the weekend, either way, seriously!

Nick said...

The gift of clarificaton has been given re:
To flinch? Or not to flinch?

"sex lines and video faith are all we are left"

gets my vote. More truth.