Toni Braxton and Sir Mix-a-Lot

My dear milkshake,
I cry reading these words. Has our passionate love gone so far astray that I lose out not to one person, nor two, but an entire three? These tears, these tears. Soon I'll be on a transcontinental flight across this mighty country, but can you unbreak my heart? Say you'll love me again? undo this hurt you caused when you walked out the door and walked outta my life? uncry these tears I cried so many nights? Take back that sad word good-bye, bring back the joy to my life, don't leave me here with these tears, come and kiss this pain away, I can't forget the day you left, time is so unkind, and life is so cruel without you here beside me....
(Who else you know gonna flip Toni Braxton lyrics on yah, huh? Tell me that. Tell me. Say my name. That's right. Mother Fuckin Little Bobby Fischer. Gangster to the core. Just cause I listen to Sarah McLaugchlin doesn't mean I'm not HARDCORE.)

--David Hodson

And, given recent posts from recent other bloggers, I've decided to tell this story.

One time when I was sixteen, I got attacked by a drunken PCP fiend schizophrenic at Dick's on Broadway. I got called "Pong" for a year because Jason said I got "...ping-ponged off the counter by that guy!" Hmm.

Oh well. Let's just turn around the other way and go and eat at Dick's. Woot.
Getting very very excited. Thanks to Davey for convincing me.


~PhoenixRising said...

Yayr. We'll be rolling deep in a silver echo, yo!

remember to ask if it comes with spinners ;)

Thaozee said...

I saw the title " Toni Braxton and Sir Mix-a-Lot" and nearly shat my pants in pure joy.