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Last night was Soooooo Fun.

1. The Lovely Miss Emily Ann sang an ol' Hank Williams tune @ Great American Music Hall last night. That little thing is probably still high from it. She's so freakin' amazing.
2. Shaun was freaking out about his ex, so we made a pit stop at Thieves for a little text messaging. We drank whiskey and met a guy from Australia.
3. Back to GAMH, then met Meredith out front coming from a party in Hayes Valley. Oh yeah, did I note that Shaun and Mere are wasted at this point?
4. Hemlock had a freakin' cover last night, so we cruised to the closet that is R Bar. Shaun told me to grab him a Maker's neat, and then got pissed when it wasn't cut. Exactly.
5. Stopped by home, called Pant. he was all like: "High Tide!".
6. Had to stop by GAMH again on the way to High Tide to give Emily Ann a poster I had ripped off the wall in the bathroom. On the way there, ran into Ron waiting for the light to change. Sweet.
7. High Tide. Home of degenerates and broken hearted hipsters. Met Ryan, in town from Clemson.
8. Bought a shitload of beer and went to Ryan's hotel room. Said something completely innapropriate about Moto on the way out. Oops.
9. Carl's Jr. Then finally home at 4:00. Thank god.
10. Got up at 9. Put on clothes. Regretfully went to work.

[p.s.--From now on, you can only speak out loud if you sing it like a Daft Punk song. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.]

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Queer Comandeer said...

Around the burger was so delicious last night Around the burger was so delicious last night....

ps: Does it make me retarded that I always fail the word verification?