88 Lines Part 3: Did You Make The Cut?

88 Lines About 44 Men
by: Miranda Moure

Jason was a Christian boy
with silver teeth and not a dime,
Viktor was a swedish kid
who seemed to study all the time,
Dylan was a sound guy
for a super famous band,
Joseph, my ex boyfriend's brother,
had a way with his hands.

Matthew was an Emo boy,
was always playing the guitar,
Christopher was English and
he liked to hang out at the bar.
Dimitri was a Russian and
his accent made me like him more,
Richie was a boy I loved
who wound up showing me the door.

Jeremiah had a bar,
knew everything about good beer,
Rex skied, was super hot;
I sometimes wish that he was here,
Austin hailed from Texas state;
he's a pescatarian
Jon left me for Japan;
my panties in his carry-on.

Gabriel had issues and
he wrapped me up in his whole game,
Rice, a tattooed punk rock kid and
punk rockers gave him his name,
Dustin was a drummer
with an afro and a crappy car,
Isaac was the boy I saw
for days and finally got it all.

Mark was a writer with
a penchant for snorting cocaine,
Eric puked right off my deck
who thought that I was really vain,
Noah was my girlfriend's cousin--
he wanted a girlfriend and
Duncan was her dad's best friend;
stayed with his wife in the end.

Josh rode a bicycle and
he said exactly what he thought,
Jeffery was a greaser that
my best friend had already caught.
Shaun was a pretty boy that
I met down here in the Bay,
Scott gave me scabies
and I never came back round his way.

Nuh-uh--not Scott.

Theodore was in a band
with a bunch of cool kids that I've known,
Woody's called the Eight-Toed Sloth,
he looks just like Johnny Ramone,
Jonathan was was short and sweet
but in the end he did come through,
Nicholas was the only boy
I've never loved but wanted to.

Daniel, he was fun and loud
but he was always biting me,
Colin was an Irish guy
that I picked up at a party,
Bryan was a crazy frantic
Mexican I'd never date,
William looked like Luke Wilson;
two doors down in Lower Haight.

Vincent was from Amsterdam;
makes porno's and he skateboards,
Casey has a twin down south
and likes his pen and not a sword,
Quinn was a filmmaker
and he liked quirky eyewear,
Clifford's poetry was great;
I loved him more than I could bear.
Lucas was a strange one;
I had thought that he was gay,
Caras was a wholesome kid
who might still like me to this day,
Aaron was a snowboarder;
shaggy hair and beer in hand and
Moto, he was visiting
and everything went as I planned.
James was a smart kid
without a girlfriend at the time,
Damon was an accident
that ended up being just fine!
Brodeur, the comedian!
He's surely not the quietest, and
David was a Virgin
who I aptly chose to end this list.

88 Lines about 44 [real] Men [in chronological order with duplicate names and boring ones cut out].

[who's gonna help me record this?]


~PhoenixRising said...

But you forgot your hot hot boyfriend who you have sex with 17 times a day!

If I could figure out a way to bring the mic and a way to record, I'll do it. Let me marinate on it for a minute. Anyone you roll with keep a mic stand?

Sam said...

There's a mic stand at my house, complete with PA, though I'm lost on how mic stand gets you to recorded thing when my house is sized more for big shows than recordings of small sounds.

I Looove this, M. And so do my Bewbs.