Goodbye, Pho Kien Giang

Okay. Maybe you live in another city, or maybe you just don't like Vietnamese food, or maybe you just live in North Beach. Whatever. My point is thus:

I Loved Pho Kien Giang. And for those of you who have not eaten there, it just so happens to be my favorite Vietnamese place of all time. And also, it is now officially closed. Closed. FOREVER.

So I have two questions for you all--
#1. Where else am I supposed to eat four times a week? Chinese? Pizza? Mexican? I'm sorry--but it just doesn't compare. I will miss the Tuesday nights filled with American Idol and BBQ Pork and Rice noodles and the Friday evenings of Vegetable Rolls and Rare Steak Pho. Seriously. Seriously.

#2. How am I supposed to relate to my "illustrious" neighborhood now?

I LOVED MY NEIGHBORHOOD. I always have--whatever neighborhood that was--if it had some sort of routine that I enjoyed. What I mean is that the Pho place was part of my routine--and now I am worried about where it will leave me as a Tenderloinite. Do I still love The 'Loin? Of course. Will, it change for me? Well...definitely.

So here I am:

1. Seeking my Cake.
2. Finding it in the form of [pseudo] monogamy (oops).
3. Trying to find a new Vietnamese place.
4. Loving all of my jobs.
5. Writing amazingly.
6. Feeling incredible.
7. Felling obstacles.
8. Reading everything Davey sends to me.
9. Loving him more and more everyday.
10. Loving everyone I know more and more everyday.
11. Relating ever closer to my co-workers.
12. Realizing I shouldn't be dating anyone.
13. Feeling I should focus on my deep-seated friendships for a while.
14. Feeling I should relate all of this to the person I'm dating.
15. Experiencing a lot of crappy Vietnamese food in the hunt for excellent Vietnamese food.

That being said:

We ARE the Kids

When "it all" really meant
all of it that we should ever know;
when times were such
to warrant alliance and comrades and
when foreign language meant only that
we don't get what
we don't have.

all of our time,
once seemingly endless
is dashed upon our reckless ideal, where
Someone, when all of us
are seeking the same thought,
will for once be struck again with a vision of what was:
those Navy Flannel Sheets,
those canned beers in packs of
twelve of us,
and I am left to find some semblance and
symbol that will jar us from
the distance we find now,
in trying so fucking hard
to forget what we had.

[We are those kids.
We want to place our heads on
lofty pillows far more fair:
but history will catch to every dream,
every wish we had for our perfect
pre-text urban bohemian modern idea of right:
and now what becomes of what we honed
when our Gods are caught in our own mis-matched and
mis-cultured, mis-interpreted prediction?
We are meant for this,
we refuse to rebuild it.]


[I love you. All. Seriously. Seriously.]


~PhoenixRising said...


I'm still looking forward to that tattoo sketchy sketch. Cause, you know, we're getting inked. Uh. Soon.

Vũ Trần Kiên said...

My home town in Kien Giang, thanks for your favorite. If you have chance to come there again, don't forget my Pho stall, hehe