August 29th, 2003

On Aug 27, 2003, I packed a bag of all of my indie-cool clothing, left my beautiful apartment and perfect lifestyle in Miami and boarded a plane for Chicago, and finally Seattle.

On Aug 28, 2003, I bought a pair of YSL sunglasses.

On Aug 29, 2003, I wore said sunglasses to Bumbershoot, ended up running into Aaron Gerking. Later that night I wondered how long it would take me to recover. Want to know? Well, I don’t mean to count all of my chickens before they hatch, but I’m thinking it will be somewhere around the realm of this coming October 15th, just two weeks shy of my 26th birthday. What does that mean?

That means 1,143 days will have gone by.
That means I will have boarded exactly 30 separate airplanes (including the one shortly to San Diego)
That means I have crossed the country 10 times.
That means I have left the country once.
That means I have seen two couples get married.
That means I have had three birthdays.
That means I have lived in three cities.
That means I have had five jobs.

But no one has died. That I know. Personally.

And what do I mean by “recover”? Merely to have everything back that I had before I got on that plane.

And If you’d like to know, Samantha is doing fine. She has a fantastic job and lifestyle.
Jennifer is more fantastic than I ever could have thought. She even has her own car; a nice one.

And sometime around the fifteenth, I will be fine too.
I will be perfect.

[p.s.--although i miss all of the seattleites dearly, it's so, so, so, so, so good to be home.]

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