That is all.

1. Some idiot at EZ Rent a Car gave me a PT Cruiser. Idiot. I'm halfway to destroying that thing.
2. The first thing said to me when I finally found I-5 north and was presented with a beer? "It's the water, BITCH!"
3. Went to the duck. Nico was working. Excellent.
4. Found Mrs. Crystal Wren at Two Bells. She kills me. Absofuckinglutely slays me. Also, on a side note, no one I know dry humped David Cross at the Nitelite. Maybe Joe, but it was never confirmed.
5. Dick M@ters went to the fucking BALLROOM. Hahahaha.
6. Had hot warehouse sex.
7. Went to the phantom record store.
8. Got a manicure.
9. Saw Jackie, FNOG, and Rice. Apparently, Rice broke up with Tanya who is seeing some other girl that they live with now.
10. Went to Peter Smith's bar. Tight.
11. back to the 9 Lb. Hammer.
12. Passed out watching Empire records.
13. Woke up.
14. Came to Bauhaus.
15. Posted on blog.

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