Guest Lister: My New T-Shirt

This is a poem that I did not write that is printed in dark green flocked letters on the only black t-shirt that my store carries. I, of course, three days after it arrived at my store, promptly purchased it. It was only later that I realized that true art can be found even at my place of work.

Here goes.

Cookies, Them Gummy things, Soda, ice cubes, More Cookies WITH chocolate chips, Peanut Butter, Candy + more candy + More Candy and Brownies from the DELI, Coffee, (not decaf) and CAKE with cream + Jam, Cream and can frosting top cake, Dog food, Cat Food, wild Burd Food, Dog treats, more candy, cat treats, boo-chocolate! Can't forget the CHOCOLATE Strawberry ICE CREAM!! Vanilla? Salsa, HOT, more cake and Cakes. Fruit: Apples, BANANAS LEMONS, GRAPES -- Wines and Champanes, Sharpies, Fruit Bars, Cake, and some pants with JUICY on the ass!!

I love black T-shirts.

And Cake.

And I want all of these things for my birthday too.



charles.bukowski.costanza said...

..and....FUNYONS. yeah, man.

(i love you, butterstuff.)

~PhoenixRising said...

It mentions cake more than twice. You must get it.