I know it's not Thursday, but I miss Cari. Thx to Renee.

What is your favorite pattern?

Plaid mini Or bondage wear?
Both. Black plaid leather mini.

Gothic or Celtic?
Gothic. I mean, No! Shut up! I'm not a goth!

Black or red?

handcuffs or silk ties?
Held down, no ties.

Erotic Or Sensual?

Whip cream or chocolate syrup?
I'm alergic to dairy.

Stileetios or Chunky Heel Boots?
None. I take them off first.

Metal or Wood?
Wood? You mean like...wood?

Candles or lights?

Love hats?
If it's cold.

Metal or Emo?
Punk Rock. Oh, and Folk. I'm not joking.

Bulletbike or Harley?

Mixed drinks or shots?
Beer. And whiskey with ice. Need the ice--and a straw for that matter.

Cows or horses?

Car or truck?
Volvo. Didn't I say that?

Mud or sand?

Bald or long hair?
Bald. Especially on women.

Stucco or brick?

Basketball or football?

Boxing or ultimate fighting?

Natural or madeup?
Whatever gets the deed done.

Tomboy or girly girl?
Again, whatever gets the deed done.

long nails or short?

colors or earthtones?

Quickie or Hrs?
Quickie. Then hours. Then sleep. Then another quickie. Then I make hime drive me home so I can get ready for work.

Foreplay or wham bam thank u maA M?
I'm a busy ass girl. I don't have time for a bunch of unneccesary bullshit.

Rainy day or sunny?

Fireplace or heater?
Body heat.

Biting or sucking?
I suck at nothing, except well...I don't suck at that. Not in the least.

All over a room or just in bed?
Bed. I have a bad back. You'd never know it though.

Do u sleep on your side?

How many blankets do u have on your bed?
None. I'm moving and they're in a garbage bag.

Do u drool when sleeping?
Yes. Hopefully not all over your chest. It happens; sorry.

When I'm drunk or sick.



charles.bukowski.costanza said...

eat eyeballs or eat brains?

hi dude. you're funny. you need to go listen to this


'cos i've been playing it all day and laughing and laughing and singing and dancing. fave line,

i don't want to nitpick, tom, but is this really your plan, to spend your whole life locked inside a mall.

~PhoenixRising said...

I will not respond to this until survey thursday.

That is all.