Let me count the ways.



1. I am, right now, laying on my bed in my new place. I would be sitting on my couch or at my desk but I don't have that stuff yet.
2. Shaun came over last night, and he was like, "Omigod! Miranda!" and I was like, "What?" and he was like, "Omigod your place is awesome!"
3. I guess my place is awesome, even though there is a bookshelf in the kitchen and my alarm clock that doesn't work properly is sitting on a box.
4. At 10:00 am tomorrow, Iggy Pop will sound (v.) oh so melodiously from apt. 503, because there is no one to wake up. Sweet.
5. At 6:45 am, October 17, I fly to San Diego, only to return a few hours later. Let's hope I've finished painting by then.
7. Oh yeah, if you wanna help me paint, come over on the 11th and 12th. I have beer. And basically, you just have to sit there and hand me the paint brush when I need it. I love painting.
8. Green? Again? Yeah. Green.
9. Housewarming Party? How 'bout Sun, Oct. 29th?
10. Wait...when was that again?

That reminds me...

Continued Birthday Wish List
1. Cake.
2. Visitors.
3. Shoes. Expensive ones. Like patent leather Minolo Blahnik mary janes. Size 41, please.
4. Seriously, though--throw a dog a freakin' bone. They're only $700. Whatever.
5. A bookshelf.
6. Books.
7. A list of ten things you wish you could get me for my birthday but can't because it is expensive/illegal/impossible.
8. Damn, that's a fucking good one. Seriously, I really want that. Make me lists, people.
9. A chef's knife. I just realized that I've always shared one and all my other knives are crappy.
10. Movies and sleep and Pajamas in no particular order.



Queer Comandeer said...

1. A Pony.
2. The Manolo Blahnik 'Carmine', size 41. So hot.
3. Frederic Michalak, naked and on all fours.
4. Child Pornography
5. Bottomless Basil Gimlet.
6. Rachael Ray's Head.
7. Actually, #3 is for me.
8. We never went to the paint store. Thus, paint.
9. Franklin
10. Mexican Pharmaceuticals. Lots of 'em.
11. Your attendance at Ron's Fake Mustache Birthday Extravaganza! Location, date tba.

Thaozee said...

Hey that floating vid is fucking offtap crazy. Goodstuff. My birthday's on the 14th of Oct. I'm gonna learn how to speak funk, in sign language.