No Sleep 'Till 26


Of wishes.

1. Sleep. Lots of it.

2. My apartment to be unpacked and put together. Sidenote to Mark "RCU" Huntsman Costanza Bukowski: No, my apartment does not make me sleepy and sad anymore. Work and my brand new fuck buddy are taking care of that arena quite nicely.

3. Excellent sex. Oh wait...check.

3. Coach tennies. Oh shit...check, check.

3. Samantha to come to town. Fuck, not again!
Confirmation Date: 10/20/06
Received: SAMANTHA
Passenger(s): OLDFIELD/SAMANTHA 526-2751627111-6
Saturday, October 28 - SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA) to OAKLAND CA(OAK)
Flight 2725 M
Depart SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA) at 11:25AM and
Arrive in OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 1:30PM
Saturday, November 11 - OAKLAND CA(OAK) to SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA)
Flight 1216 M
Depart OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 6:55PM and
Arrive in SEATTLE TACOMA WA(SEA) at 8:55PM
Check, check, chickety-check-check.

3. Please, show me how to live.

4. To forgive the world right now.

5. Cake.


1 comment:

Sam said...

I just had a re-realization. I am older than you. I know I've known that for years, but I seem to have forgotten as of late... and it's somehow undigestably funny for me to realize that as of right now, you are 25. And I am 26.

Hmm. Remember the Scorpio Snakes thing? I think there might be something about 27 that has you be extra good in bed = watch out world, the twins are coming through in about a year and you will be ROCKED.


PS. Last night some credits on a dumb TV show played a song from this years NYCD and I cried and missed you. At some point, these last few days untill I get to see you became TOO LONG.