Oops. I'll fix that right now.

In all of my preliminary-birthday-wishlisting-frenzy, I have, until now, completely forgotten to make a list of things I DON'T want. Not just don't want, but that ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HAPPEN. I recently related this to Counts on his MySpace, and thought I should also post it here.

Milkshake Moure's Big List of Stuff That Cannot Happen This Coming Sunday That Has Happened On Previous Birthday's of Mine
by: Milkshake Moure

1. Sleep with my girlfriend's dad's best friend (or any married men, for that matter).
2. Dance topless on a pooltable at four in the morning.
3. Get in a car accident.
4. Wake up at some girl's house in bed with her boyfriend while she's in the other room (Portland is a crazy little town).
5. See anyone who's birthday it also is (ANYONE).
6. Get in a fight (see #5).
7. Stay sober.
8. Wake up at somebody elses apartment even though mine will probably still be crazy.
9. Give out my phone number without remembering it only to get a call on Halloween from somebody named "Hot Chocolate".
10. Go out in public mostly naked.

There you go. Let's all chip in to keep me at least somewhat in line this year, K?

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