Wish list, revisited. Oh, and also, continued.

From 10.28.05:

Also, my birthday is tomorrow. Here is my wishlist, as commented on RCU's blog.

Wish list:
1. Hold Samantha in my arms. For reals, not while asleep.
2. Anderson will never come back from Hawaii to make fun of my relationship with my wife.
3. That saturday wil herald a new era of wellbeing for all, but especially me. Like in SK's 2010.
4. Cake.

and now, a continuation of:

Milkshake Moure's Ongoing Birthday Wishlist Spectacular 2006

1. Time. Lots and lots of it for all manner of productive things like unpacking, cleaning, sleeping, having lots of excellent sex, and repainting my scary apartment.
2. Excellent sex. Did I say that already?
3. To encounter no one who's birthday it also is. Events of late have officially taught me that THIS IS BAD. Bad, Miranda. Bad, bad, bad.
4. For Thao and I to solemnly swear that next October will see us either swilling Foster's together in the US, or Budweiser in the AK. AK. That's right, isn't it? People say that, don't they? I think people have said that before.
5. Cake. The best kind. The rich, syrupy, thick delectable kind that seems oh so close and oh so elusive as of late.

More soon.

p.s.--It seems as if I will not be killing anyone, and I will not be calling Jen with rediculous statements and ultimatums regaurding my sex life. I am also thinking that there might be lots and lots of typos in this post. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to care.

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charles.bukowski.costanza said...

is your apartment still making you sleepy and sad, or is it better, birthday girl?