I'm so frikken' bored!

Seriously, I'm bored.

Why? I have no idea.

I just bored. Everything is boring. I do the same thing every day--

Get up, drink coffee. Get ready. Go to work, go on break, get off (my shift, haha). Go home. Clean my house. I may or may not drink beer with my friends. Groom myself. Do laundry. Go to sleep.

Or some other order of that. Whatever. It doesn't really matter.

Some recent highlights of my days--

1. Buying an electric toothbrush.
2. Getting a new Netflix.
3. Seeing Mindy and going to the same bar we always go to.
4. Getting an e-mail from my sister.
5. Realizing I don't work today.

Wow. Now that's excitement.

Didn't we used to be different? Where did it go--all of our ridiculousness and spontenaity, our unorthodoxically fierce partying, our fucking youth. Goddamn it. I mean, it's my fucking day off--I should be sitting outside some uber-glamorous coffee shop with miss-matched couches and vegan muffins with one of my beautiful fellow ex-goth girlfriends talking about sex, chain smoking, and trying to figure out where and with whom we will drink tonight. What have I done so far today? Called my bank. Pulled a credit report. Paid my electric bill. Did my dishes.
I still have to go to the grocery store and--surprise, surprise--do my fucking laundry.

Fuck all of this shit--I need something to jar me out of all of this. Mindy's idea?

"Let's go to New York for New Years. Pablo will be there."

She has a point.

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