"And lo, the young lass did leave."

Oh my god, you guys.

Do you want to talk about beautiful boys? Oh, okay, great. Because I met a great one. A perfect one. Then I left him peacefully sleeping in my bed and got on a plane to Miami. Damnit.
This one really is perfect--Dark skin, dark hair, green eyes and Jewish. Perfect. And when I come home? Let's not even speculate on that yet.
For now, let's just look at these pics from The Deuce and The Abbey.

Rob, Brandon and I had the best time swilling Stellas at Deuce and then (in high Miami style, haha) refusing to walk to The Abbey and catching a cab the nine blocks instead. Guess who was there?
My third favorite bartender in the world, Aaron. I missed my second favorite, Dave, by 45 seconds. Damnit.

p.s.--I swear by all that is holy that I will not mess this one up, and by that I mean I'll try, because as I messaged Shaun earlier, we made the best sex ever.

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