Bienvenido a Miami

Do you know how many veins I have in my legs?
I do.
Do you know why I know this?
Because San Francisco has made me clear. Clear.

This will soon be remedied for I will be going home for a week on the 26th. One week. That's more time than I've spent in Miami since I moved away.

During this trip, I will try and avoid sleeping with friends, smoking of the reefer, forgetting that the Oatmeal Stout @ The Abbey is 9.6%, and puking all over Rob's Bathroom. I promise.

Oh, and sorry about the Radio silence.

A few Shout outs:

Angelica--Happy now? I hope so. I promise, I won't make you wait this long ever again.
Hunts--Tag, you're it.
Mathisen--Got your twxt like...two days later. Was completely asleep when you sent it as Sunday is my office day.

Like the new header?
I do too.

p.s.--more soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so it says my username isnt valid, so i guess i wont be having my blogspot. anyway, love the new header. bout time you updated, but damn i somehow am a few days late noticing! take me to miami :)