February breaks.

Wow. Haven't done this in a while. Let's make it a dozen, instead of 10.

1. I made it. I finally made it to Miami for Rob's birthday. It's been amazing, and I can't figure out if I want to go home tomorrow or not.
2. Miami is just like I remember, except different. All the little barista's who used to be under the firm thumb of Rob and I are now all managers and stuff. Like Baby Tony--he's a shift lead now.
3. Brandon finished Nursing school and works at a hospital much to the lament of my broke co-workers and I who wish to be bespectacled with designer sunglasses purchased with his old discount.
4. My mom is doing a piece for the Herald about internet dating, and it's all the buzz on the beach right now. She's like freakin' famous.
5. Oh!! We got tattoos; Rob and I each got two. Wanna see?
rob&radost 012
rob&radost 011
6. I'm getting more tattoo's today. What? Oh, I don't know yet. Probably my SF tattoo and some krelbow (inside your elbow) fill in.
8. Oh, right! My tattoo artist down here is quite possibly the coolest guy I've ever met in Miami. wait, this deserves a seperate list.
a. His name is Tim Davis, and he told me there used to be a tattoo parlor run by a crackhead above Walgreens on Haight and Fillmore.
b. He also lived on Haight and Fillmore, and I was like: Oh my god! Me too--I lived above the indian restaraunt." and he was like: "Oh my god. Me Too." That's right everyone, he is another holy member of the 525.
c. Did you hear that? We lived in the same apartment.
d. Oh, and he knows Stu downstairs at Toronado. I have a message to deliver to him.
e. I totally abused him giving me his number--I called last night to see if I could get some more work done today. He said I could, tee-hee.
9. all yall In the long long ago, I was at Spec's with Nicholas, and he ripped this out of the Onion and gave it to me. It's so mine, and furthermore, I need it for BONYCD.
10. Eloy's having a baby. Sweet.
rob&radost 007
11. Shit...I really need to figure out what tats I'm getting today. Oh, and guess what else? Angelica's staying in SF!!
12. Do you have plans for Valentines Day?

I do.


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