I am so serial right now.

Posted by Antonio this morning:

Feb 12, 2007 12:25 PM
Subject: the what goes on in the lower haight
Body: i missed this by about 10-15 minutes. I need a new place to live.

This is getting fucking retarded you guys. No joke.
Yeah, it was kind of funny when Malibu yelled up at my window trying to get in 'cause there were gunshots down the street. Ha,ha. But now? Well, first some drunk kids drive into Upper Playground and Estellas. Oh, okay. Then a shooting in front of Wallgreens. Hmmm...allright, until people start to go missing. Then four shootings last night topped off with a car crashing into the 71 bus stop right infront of 510/512. What the hell?

There goes the neighborhood.

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