Mama and Me

Oh jesus, my mom's new angle for a story is fucking hilarious.

The idea? The short version is to go on an ass-ton of dates with a bunch of guys, and then write a blog, a series of stories, and one final conclusive hurrah for both the Herald and the Today Show.

The question?

Should I be telling these guys that they're getting written about?

Hmmm. I think I've asked myself that before.

My final answer? If I want to tell, I will. In fact, I usually do. But I figure: if I'm giving up the nay-nee, you can give up your likeness. Even trade, right?

Check it out.

Oh, and you can revisit my thoughts on this particular topic too, if you wanna.


p.s.--Get ready Arizona bitches, we're gonna tear up the Mondrian.

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