The Mindy Veto

Remember when I said I would try?
Dude--I did. But then came the rare but much feared: Best Girlfriend Veto.

Mindy's rationale?
"Dude, he's a stoner. Please, for the love of god, don't date another Clifford.

'Kay. No prob. This is not going to turn into another Sean/John/Brian Fiasco.

So who's left?

Oh yeah. This one, that's right. Did we forget him? Never.

You can also check him out in line 74 in 88 lines. Oh, yeah, I remember you. I remember you even better with your lips on mine on Mindy's birthday. It's funny how she still approves even when he's making out with some chick in the back of the bar when nobodies looking. The funny thing? I see her point. A lot.

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