Tomorrow, Arizona. The next day, the world.

What an eventful Valentine's day indeed.


Well, I definitely remember being at Erica's, and I remember the lap dance to Toxic at the Hight Tide--but it's somwhere in transit to Molotov's that it starts to get fuzzy...

This morning saw me shooting out of bed at 10:30 in the morning and immediately calling Mins.

"Dude. Mindy. Did I see you last night?"
"No. You were all like 'we're on our way to 'Tovs' and that's the last I heard. You sounded pretty wasted."
"Dude, I was freakin' trashed."
"Did you eat yesterday?"
"Well that'll do it."
"Yeah, I probably should have just picked two of the three instead of drinking wine, whishey, and beer. Just two. I can never remember that."
"You were with Erica?"
"Yeah, and Alex and Mere and...oh my god."
"You didn't fuck that Jew again, did you? I thought we agreed no stoners."
"No, Alex left early. But I think I took his friend home."
"What do you mean You think?"
"Dude, I don't know. Oh my god, I think there was a boy in my bed a few hours ago."
"And you don't know?"
"I'm pretty sure."
"What was his name?"

p.s.--I found out a couple hours later it was Spencer. I am a stone cold slut, although I chock most of it up to the legwarmers. Now if I can just figure out how not to act like a complete idiot around the ones I really like...now that would be perfect. Circle takes the square.
p.p.s.--My Valentine's day plans were indeed thwarted--but not by my lack of TV, but rather because I worked in the morning and so was unable to see my Mom on the Today Show. If that segment even ended up airing. I sure did a bang-up job making up for it, no pun intended.

p.p.p.s. For Shaun--
I love you.


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