Confessions of an Audiophile

With my PDX/SEA trip behind me, and a brand-new two part mini series about it, I started vehemently cleaning and re-organizing my apartment in preparation for...
That's right,

On the ninth, Lauren and Mark will visit lovely sunny San Francisco and marvel in the pleasures of my crappy Swedish pull-out.

Unfortunately, mid preparation, I got stomach flu.

So I curled up on my couch with some saltines and bottled water and decided to make a mix cd.

San Francisco Will Not Kill You
A mix for Lauren and Mark by: Milkshake Moure

Welcome to the south slope of Grace Cathedral Hill. I hope your train ride was good, and your alcohol tolerance is high, because San Francisco, given the opportunity, will kick your fucking ass this week. If you let it.
My motto? Don't. Don't let it. Trust.
Anyway, here's the challenge I confronted myself with mid gut wrenching nausea and intermittent puking--to make a playlist of songs that all somehow pertain to San Francisco, yet not invoke the oh so obvious dynamic musical duo: Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding and Grace Cathedral Hill by The Decemberists. Damn. Not an easy challenge, I assure you.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy, and here's a brief primer to explain each track.

1. Thing-Thing, El Pus
Dude, just do your thing. That's what we do here. A couple weeks ago, my friend Pant and I were at Summer PLace with his friend who was visiting from London, and he was like: "Dude, everyone in San Francisco has at least three lives, and they exist almost completely autonomously from each other. Like I'm a Graphic Designer, Tech geek, Socialholic. What are you Miranda?" At first, I was thinking he was fucking crazy, and then I thought about it for a second, and replied: "Manager, Novelist, Audiophile." The three lives thing is totally true, by the way. Try it while you're here, ask people.what thier three lives are.

2. I Sucked a Lot of Cock to Get Where I Am, Regurgitator
Um...well, I did. Basically. I mean, SF is where I really stopped letting stories happen, and started making them happen. Now I have great ones. I mean, you do read my blog, right?

3. Social Life, Koufax
I had to round out this pop intro somehow, and this track seemed perfect. Here, we are oft drawn to things we shouldn't do.

4. Spanish Bombs, The Clash
Much like The Duck (although there, it is paired with Float On and Reinventing Axle Rose), this song comes on every single time I go to Molotov's. Every single time.

5. Blue Star, Los Halos
This song also made the cut for "This Will Not Kill Your Braincells" a year ago. A San Francisco mix just isn't complete without it, because what the world won't give you, you have to wrench from it's icy and unforgiving global-warmed hands. By any means neccesary.

6. Pledge of Alegiance, Louis XIV
Because this is how I got my nickname in SF. That's pretty much it. Oh, and also, I love to feel you sweat.

7. The Party's Over, Against Me!
Well, duh. This song started the whole CD, and earned it's rightful place smack dab in the middle, at # 7. I think I've already gonbe over why this track is here. I mean, you do read my blog, right?

8. Tetley Town, The Walkmen
I have no idea what city this song is actually about, but it might be DC, or Boston or New York. Whatever. I think it's aptly added to this mix, because...I mean, have you heard this fucking song? Dude, San Francisco just feels like this. True story.

9. Get Your Own, Buzzcocks
This song reminds me of Shaun and I, and our on-going and never officially decided war over who's apartment is better. I always say it's mine, and he agrees with me in public 'cause he doesn't mind people thinking it's mine when it's actually his.

10. Cannonball, The Breeders
This is self explanatory if you've heard this song, and everybody has. Also, I feel it a sacrelidge to put words into the Deal sister's mouths.

11. Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks
Firstly, I just thought this mix was begging for a Kinks track. Secondly, It is all we are sometimes left with here: A Sunny Afternoon.

12. Where Eagles Have Been, Wolfmother
Damn, I love Australia, if you couldn't already tell from the Regurgitator track. That being said, things are not always what they seem in the city of dreams.

13. Spread, Outkast
Um...I mean, you do read my blog, right?

14. Red Rabbits, The Shins
I was so scared to buy this album. I mean...it's the fucking Shins for chrissakes, and what if it sucks? Thankfully it does not suck, and I finally bought it after the bee fiasco to prove to myself that Milkshake Moure fears nothing. Except for bees. And Fish out of water. Nonetheless, thank god I did, because this song yields itself fantastically to this mix, because well, because as they say: "a neccesary balloon lies a corpse". Oh, and Mary, "you still owe me for the hole in the floor". True story. There's a hole in my floor.

15. Underground, Harvey Danger
I've always wanted to end a mix CD with this track, and coming in at a total of 52.3 minutes, I finally have. It's perfect. Really. You should hear it.

So listen and love, and I'll be home from work soon.
All my love,

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