Long Time, No Post. Haha.

Why? Well, because as of late (two weeks), I have been unsuccesfully able to access my Google account which super sucks because my blog-o-verssary was on the 23rd (post pending).
On a side note, please e-mail me at M@MMoure.com for the time being. Actually, from now on.

Side note to what you ask? Hmm.


Well, when I left Seattle almost two years ago, what was my only rule? No musicians. That's right, none at all. Did it work? Yeah, for the most part--save an on-again-off-again inconsequential stint with Sean Olmstead, yeah. Oh, and one bartender from Kimo's but seriously, THAT'S IT. In two years. Now, you have to understand that comparitively, I was, in Seattle, up to what was at times four a week. In my defense, it was usually just one or two. And usually not the lead singer.

So can one little Bassist really be that bad? I mean--he barely even counts. He has a job, and a place to live. He doesn't wear glasses. His name however is a bit disturbing.

How many are there going to be? I mean, that's now two Johnathans (one goes by Jake, and the other by his middle name, Michael), one John, one Jon, and now...

Well, I suppose that's semi-debatable. What happened last time I met a boy and then promptly got on a plane?
Do I have to have the window's discussion again?

But my kitchen is remarkably clean.
(p.s.--I don't doubt that you, through the magic of the internet and my
clever-assed best girlfriend, will see this. So thanks for cleaning my
kitchen, Johnny.)

(p.p.s.--ARIZONA SUCKS. On that note, San Francisco rules hard.)

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