Noon on Tuesday and Late Night PDX-SFO Text Messaging

Noon on Tuesday
I couldn't reach you by phone (as I'm sure you're aware) so thought this the next best method.
Hope your week was both better than mine and better than I fear.
My best friend Mary came and went in what always seems like far too short a time, and since last wednesday afternoon, I've been either shit-canned, at work, or sleeping. Sleeping in my bed that still feels all to expansive since she's not here.
I have a hard time being present and able to prioritize when I so freshly miss someone, and so as my beautiful apartment falls into further disrepair and my the reviews I've been performing at work are going more and more terribly, I hope to use my next two days off for something productive.

Maybe I'll write some more crappy prose as I seem to be doing in the last couple of months, maybe I'll finish painting my kitchen, but largely I am hoping that this is one of those things that can be solved by punk rock.
Call me.

Ten hours later:

Mary Star: Life sucks

Milkshake Moure: Thats true

MS: Then what?

MM: Then you eat shit and die

MS: Yeah I guess

MM: At least we get laid



angelica said...

awwww i love the little picturessss. life doesnt suck, its beautiful. hahahhaa thats a joke.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

in a recent interview, r. kelly referred to himself as "the martin luther king jr. of today."

just suck on that for a minute. see how it tastes.

charles.bukowski.costanza said...

hey, i miss you, sorry to have not called. but we should hook it up; maybe later we can cruise down to r. kelly blvd and get some fried chicken.

l.l. costanza said...

what are these "reviews" you speak of. i need to know about these things. your words are a little bit punk rock, but what dominates is the nihilism. so. the cookie hath crumbled; and now you're a nihilist, which, as the dude says, must be exhausting.