Tuesday's With Moxie

Here's to many things.

I had a thought today; and now is when you will realize that I am truly a writer--as this will sound literarily painterly and not at all as I may speak normally. Funny. I realize it, and yet I can't help it. As if my laptop and I can only convene in one of many ways we could.

The point? Yes. I promise, we're nearly there.

I am saying that in my future there are many "I told you so's" coming, and yet, much like usual, I really don't fucking care. No judgment--just action; and the same I reserve for you. As always. With everyone. There are stories that give fantastic examples of this that you may chose to hear or no at your leisure, like the one where I am still waiting patiently for my best friend to breach the gap of the states between us and resolve what she left here in San Francisco when she...well, left. You know some of this, I told you. Nonetheless, I wait all of these months because I know it's worth it. Now, enter you, I s'pose.

Right. The point. The short version, anyway.

You told me recently that (context aside) that you are oft seen as dangerous, and yet, truth be known, you sleep with a stuffed animal. You're not the only one--people make thier own assumptions of me constantly. The one big thing that people most often assume of me is that I'm inherently flighty even though I'm intrinsically and intensely loyal. Meaning that I am loyal to a fault. More often than not it's a huge fault.

So let this be one more mistake.

As funnily (yeah dude, that's an actual word) poignant as it only somewhat is, I'll take some inspiration from one of your favorite vices.
I'll call you on Tuesday and every and many subsequent Tuesday's to follow, and my hope is that on one of these days of my calling you'll actually chose to answer your phone. And then you just might realize that there are times when we all feel a bit out of control, and yet there are also people who don't give a damn where you're at right now, but rather care most about who you chose or chose not to be in some carefully undetermined amount of time.
Take care, please, because much like you, I aim to do the same in my own way.


p.s.--Apologies today go to Cynthia, my fourth (according to my site tracker) most avid reader. Accept this as my solemn vow to never again go a month without posting on my rediculous and beautiful blog.

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Cynthia Hom said...

Hi Miranda. I do not know you very well, but I do thoroughly enjoy your writing. You're hilarious, witty and so utterly refreshing in your accounts of your life! On a side note, I told Shaun to tell you all of these things as he is also a fellow admirer of your gifts. Thanks for sharing.