Irony, thy name is Moto.

I love, and I think Allanis Morrisette would agree, scenarios which people deem ironic that are not technically ironic.

Why? I don't really know--it just cracks me up. In the long long ago, back when the fourth best TV show ever was on the air, News Radio, there was an episode that illustrated this.
Much like many pop-culture heads understand Pam from The Office to be now, there was once a hot receptionist who graced the tube named Beth. In one episode Beth made the remark:

"This one time, I called in sick and went shopping in the rain...but then I actually got sick! Isn't that ironic?"
No. Technically, it's not, which was immediately pointed out by a co-worker. Her retort?
"Oh. So irony is like...when it rains on your wedding day."

Hilarious yes, but no. No, no, no.

I had a brief chat with Moto after work today, who recently crashed his motorcycle. As it was, he crashed it avoiding a cabbie who was but a few feet from hitting him.

"The irony is," he's explaining to me, "that now that I crashed my motorcycle and banged up my knee, I have to actually take cabs everywhere. Fucking cabbies."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to fall more into the hilarious category rather than the technically ironic. I mean, irony is like...okay. Say you're taking a history class, and you completely bomb the final exam which should consist of 75% of your mark. Then say you were late for your last day of class and hopped in a cab rather than risking the bus, and on the way your cabbie hits your history teacher on his motorcycle who's carrying all of your finals in his briefcase. Then say your teacher falls into a coma resulting in the entire class' tests never being averaged into your final grades, thus leaving you with an A in the class.

That is ironic.


Because people are not rewarded for not studying or being late; infact, the combination of the two creating a fortunate scenario is the exact opposite of what you would think would happen.
It is, however, not at all funny.
Moto being completely screwed by a cabbie then having to take cabs everywhere?
But not ironic.

See the distinction?

Also what I would consider within the technical definitions of irony is that I wrote this a year ago now, and have still not come to grips with what is static, tactile, distanced, loved, lost, missed, sought, dialed, ridden and written.
Please note that I had hoped to by writing it.


Michael said...

A'ight, bitch.

When people use the word ironic incorrectly, it usually irritates the piss out of me. That Alanis song was the bane of my existence the whole time it was on the radio.

So my misusing the word "irony" ... THAT was ironic.

But thanks for clearing it up for anyone else who was reading.

Milkshake said...

That's so not fair!! I in fact LOVE said instances--we deem them ironic because we generally have no other jargon to relate to our base responses to what should more aptly be deemed "strikingly coincidental". Striking=poignant, which I've often noted as the hallmark for any good story. True irony does not oft yield itself to good narrative, be it spoken or written. True story. Think about it.