MIA-SFO e-mail and late night PDX-SFO text messaging.

What's up Coco puff?

I miss you, when can I come to SF and visit you? It's most definetly time for me to finally come and see you. I am thinking some time during the last two weeks of August. What are your plans like then?


You and anyone you know are most welcome any fucking time. August sounds awesome. Make sure at least Radost is in tow.
Love you miss you.
p.s.--I'm drunk

Mary Star: I love you

Moxie Moure: Luv you

MS: Wasted and thinking of you

MM: Suck my dick

MS: I wish

MM: Just let cocksie do it

MS: Love you

MM: Luv u

MS: No you more

MM: No u

MS: No you

MM: Just fly here real quick

MS: Just come here

MM: Kay

p.s.--Just a quick question: when you sleep with your neighbor, are you supposed to be concerned about running into him in the hallway?

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