Yes, it is.

It's Tuesday, so I should be posting a letter today.

I don't want to.

Here's some far more important stuff I've been thinking about.

Nicholas Mathisen was over the other night. Wait, first off, I've noticed some returning newbies on my site tracker so I'll give you some background.

Nicholas Mathisen, like me, is a transplant Seattleite who, for the time being, finds himself in San Francisco working for the man and garnering stories from this that tend to crack me up.
Anyway, in my inaugural days in SF, I was given his phone number from a mutual Seattleite friend, and now we've known each other for a couple of years.
The revelation? That in two years, I never realized this:

I replaced Mark with him.

No really, I mean think about it.

I replace one "naked genius wordsmith" for another, and both of them I use to either save me from or rationalize all of this semi-bullshit-single-to-a-fault-slutting-it-up-all-over-town stuff that I do.

So which is it?

Don't know.

But I asked Mathisen the other night. His response?

"I'd rather be your savior from it."

"Sure. Why?"

"Because it doesn't sound bad."

Okay. Let's go with that.

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