"You are home."

List, bitches.

1. Flew into SEA on the 22nd. After Mary picked me up, we got to Lauren's around nine.
2. Arrived at The Duck by 10:30.
3. Who stopped by? Gavin, Kyle, Jackson, Crystal, Lindsey, Ronnie, and god only remembers who else.
4. Somehow we decided to go to El Chupacabre for last call. Skinny Mike was there playing pool and Ben and Jeremiah Harrison were in rare form pounding pitchers of Oly.
5. Went to Beth's. Here's a pic of Mary there:

6. Wen't to the Harrison's. Then we drank a lot of beer.
7. This is where it gets foggy...
8. There was something about laying on the floor, me getting pushed into a bush, running out of ciggarettes, Jeremaiah throwing a tantrum, and me ending up in Ben Harrison's bed after ten straight hours of drinking, wrestling in the front yard, and general debauchery.
9. On a side note: Best. Pillowtalk. Ever. True story. Also, I have now had sex in every (three) bedroom in that house. What can I say, Seattle's a small place.
10. In the morning, I had to track down Mary and Crystal. Crystal was at her house with Mary's car...and Mary? I didn't hear from her for a while, but we found her later on at Shannon's.
11. Went to Julia's on Broadway w/ Kyle and Crystal. Had bloody mary's and crabcakes. Apparently my sister's best friend saw me standing on the corner, and called her later like: "is your sister in town?"
12. Back to The Duck. Gave Jeremiah a toothbrush. Long story.
13. Went to Peter Smith, Aaron, and Jess's house.
14. Met Woody at Lottie's for a few beers.
15. Went to...drumroll please...DICK'S ON BROADWAY. My order? Two cheesburgers and a small fry. Sweet.
16. Found out about "The Chopper" and proceeded to completely creep myself out.
17. In the morning, I had the #1 best girl breakfast of all time. Girls in tow? Alexis, Amanda Mae, Crystal, Mary and I. Sweet. My order? A bloody mary and some fries.
18. Off to Mama's and Rendezvous with Lauren and Skillet. Dope. Lauren's gonna come down and shave an M into the back of my head.
19. Drove to Portland.
20. Met Adam. Mary and I made him come over 'cause we were scared of The Chopper.
21. Dropped Mary off in Lake Oswego and did laundry. Took Marly for a walk.
22. Went to the Delta and some little bar by Mary's house, I sucked at pool.
23. Watched some awesome chick-flick-teen-movies.
24. Ate sushi.
25. Flew home.

That's right--HOME

I heart San Francisco.



Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of #15 I could cry.

huntsmanic said...

ps - sorry i missed when you were up here; i was about to leave for a school conference and massively busy, not answering my phone. and forgetting that that was the wkend you'd be up. but f, i miss you.