On Willpower and My Inability To Have It.

It's not that I don't know what's good for me, it's that...

Damnit, I really try not to use elipses. Ever since meeting a fellow blogger who abused them profusely, I have a rather strong distaste for them. I mean, who uses a nine period elipse?

Anyway, I've decided that any willpower I might have has been time after time thwarted by...

Drew's Lips
by: Moxie Moure

The Top One
The top one is handsome and sculpted in this way that is feminine enough to remind one of the top lip of an Olsen twin, but masculine enough to be assertive when he is speaking of his overly-assenine restaraunt captain or when reminiscing about an ex-girlfriend. It stretches perfectly across his even teeth when he smiles and has the tendancy to rest perfectly on...

The Bottom One
The bottom one is thick and full and pouty and pink and is most perfectly enjoyed by my teeth bearing gently on either side.

Whatever. Another day, another relapse.

Much like The Other Nick The Writer once did, the thought of The Neighbor still in my bed was the one thing getting me through my early morning Saturday meeting. Of course, once 9:30 rolled around, the store was opening and I wouldn't have to return until four, I was absolutely ready to get back home and climb in bed with this strikingly pretty and tall and baby-faced boy. A boy that I might add, I had done virtually nothing with the night before save a goodnight kiss and some spooning in the great tradition of Moto and I.

I took off my jacket, climbed back into bed, and immediately his arm was around me. We slept like this until noon or so, when he squeezed me and I felt those perfect, perfect lips on the nape of my neck.

And then I did what seemed most appropriate at the time.


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