Roxie & Moxie

Got this bulletin from my sister Roxie today.

Receive a Free “Safer Sex” Kit by replying to my Survey!

As the founder of AFEIA, I am conducting a survey aimed at African American Women from the ages of 18 to 35.

TELL ME YOUR STORY!!!! I am particularly interested in the concepts of sex, and sexuality. Please answer the following questions:

1. I want to know about your earliest concepts of sex and sexuality.
2. Where did they come from (immediate and extended family, peers, partners, and media), explain.
3. Based on how your discovered sex and sexuality as a youth, how relevant is it to you today.

Please also attach your first name, or a fiction name, your age, sexual orientation and race.

Thank you for your time. Understanding the roles these sources play in the sexuality education of Black young women will help me implement programs that are helpful for young adults contending with multiple views of sex and sexuality.

Please know that all information obtained may be used in research and stories may be used in educational pieces. NO self identifying info will ever be used by AFEIA.

To receive your free "Safer Sex" Kit. Contact me at afeia_health@hotmail.com.

(c) 2007 AFEIA All Rights Reserved.

If you're female, black, and between the ages of 18 and 35, do Rox a soild and shoot her a line.

Oh, and my building caught on fire yesterday.
Tommorow? Expect stories. These ones to be exact:
1. The kid from Michigan who saved my life who lives in 302.
2. Drew's late night visit from 402.
3. The Tuesday letter I sent this week which has been read.
4. Why 503 is the best unit in the building (and also happens t be mine).
5. Shaun, and exploring the fact that if he is okay, I'm going to beat him within an inch of his life for making me worry fucking sick about his pretty little ass.


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