What's in a name?

You will need some background for this one.

1. The two very most prettiest boys I have ever seen in real life were both named James.

2. A fellow blogger, someone I do not know but have read for some time (that sounds familiar...) is also named James.

3. Do read the Neighbor posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 if you have not already.

4. So the past few days, I've been on what Erica and I deemed "SF Vaca 2007", in which we take the weekend off, and do lots of fun stuff. Fun stuff has included Fabric shopping in the mission, wine, barbeque, stuffed mushrooms @ 834, manis, pedis, and massages. Also, we met our new BFF Dawn, who I'm sure you will hear more about soon.

5. The night we met Dawn, we ended up at Thieves for last call--and who was there to buy us a round? Oh, yeah. The Neighbor. That turns into me being wasted, and showing up at his house at three in the morning declaring myself the Black Katie Holmes and calling my cat Suri.

And then? Then I did what independefemmes worldwide hate doing--I asked him to stay over because I didn't want to be alone. Hear me out--I was wasted--and I miss Shaun to the point where it hurts to much to bear most of the time. He of course agreed, and then, he kissed me, and then I lost control, and then I did something that would make Mark William Huntsman so fucking proud.

"Hey Drew, can I ask you a question?" This question was of course posed mid-naked-sexiness.

"Yeah, what?"

"What's your middle name?"


"What do you mean guess?"

"I mean guess."


"Why Jonothan?"

"I don't know...Andrew Jonothan...it seems to make sense."

"But I'm not an Andrew. I'm just a Drew."

"Oh. Okay, just Drew. Then it's James."



"Miranda...how did you know that?"


p.s--I got stood up tonight for the first time ever. Let's agin tell ths story in the great tradition of Jeremaiah Harrison, much like I explained it to Pant and Kristen after hearing back from them from the APB-I just got stood up-Team Tenderloin-Who's going out tonight?-sent to 15 people text message.

"So there I was, fresh from a massage and a mani-pedi, in my PJ's at a gay bar on Polk drinking a Bloody Mary. We start talking to this guy Zane, and next thing you know, it turns out he's straight and is asking for my phone number(s) and inquiring as to whether or not he can take me to dinner tonight. I agree to the date, yes, but not dinner. Drinks only, and in a couple hours so I have time to make costume decisions and clean my apartment a bit. So we're texting, and were about to meet at Thieves within the hour, and next thing you know, BAM! Apparently, there was 'an emergency' and he would not be joining me this evening. That is why, my friends, I do not date."


angelica said...

so i came here to read your labor day post about how you still arent really over it yet.. and there isnt one. you missed the day, miranda. this has upset me so much that i believe its time to take away your dancing privlidges. i dont know if i spelled that right. anyway. you are not allowed to dance with me for a week. the end.

huntsmanic said...

oh, BCT, RCU is--very much--proud of you. RCU is very proud. he wants a BCT with avocado. marble rye.