"One pair black on black Converse. Check."

Labor Day weekend is now way, way over, thank god. I am now four years off that fateful Bumbershoot when all my worlds collided upon each other and I started crying and didn't stop for three or four months. A lot has happened in the last week or so, only vaugely peppered by this one twisted memory. Let us begin.

1. Much like the Friday of labor day weekend '03 (August 29th), I fell into bed with a very, very forbidden boy a few years my junior. I know, I said I would stop. I'm serious this time though--no more stockinged-feet-between-floor-padding-about-red-wine-in-hand-that-leads-to-sex-escapades. No more. I am so serial right now.

2. Have you ever heard my and Crystal's Ninja story? We saw a ninja on a motorcycle last time I was in Seattle. I'll be intermittently noting things that you need to become a Ninja throughout this list.

3. I had three days off last week, so I rearranged and painted my apartment. Here's a pic:

It's so cute right now. Well, not right now because...

4. "One bandana. BLACK. Check. One pair Aviator sunglasses. Highly reflective lenses. Check"

5. ...because Mary came to town Friday night. We took a couple photos and sent them to Crystal and then went to Thieves, just like old times. When her and Brad left for Daly City, Drew came over for a bit. Had a beer. Then he went home. Alone. True story. You proud?

6. My apartment was still cute after that evening, but the following night really fucked it up good.

7. "One beenie. BLACK. Check."

8. After work, Erica came over bearing flowers and a bottle of wine. We cruised up to Molotov's to meet Mary, who promptly informed us that we should go to Amber.

9. At Amber, we met some boys, as per usual. It was in this fashion that was so reminiscent of meeting Mark, when all of the first repercussions of 8.29.03 were just beginning to dissapate, and I looked down from my boss' balcony and saw something I had to have. When I saw Nathan last night, long before I knew his name, I immediately knew. I had to have it.

10. "One pair very tight Levi's dungarees. BLACK. Check."

11. There were beers, and there was a full cab, and there was an afterparty. There was Nathan, right there in my apartment, and then there he was right next to me on my couch. Then, my favorite line of all time was spilling from my lips: "I'm going to kiss you now."

12. Mary then noted to Nathan's friend Mike: "Omigod! Miranda's making out!"

13. "One pullover hoodie. BLACK. Check. One samurai sword with holster. Check."

14. In the morning, Nathan and I woke and drank coffee and chatted about Seattle while Mary, Erica and Mike still slept. He slipped me his 206 number before I got in the shower.

15. When I got out of the shower, I found this note on my door:

16. On my way to work, I had this ridiculous shit-eating grin on my face much like that I have not worn in very long. I was also exhausted and severely hungover. My apartment officially declared a national disaster, I had to leave this note on my door before I left:

17. I did as the first note instructed when I got home. "I'm so glad you called" he said. I'm so glad I got it. Mmm. Cake.

18. "One gigantic motorcycle. BLACK AND CHROME. Check."

19. I went over to Erica's, and the three of us (the triple threat: E, Mares and Mirans) layed around and ate Thai food and watched Entourage, which is the dumbest show I've ever seen in my life. They had been in bed all day. That's when I got the first text.

20. Seattleite to Seattleite text messaging followed hailing from SoMa and the Tenderloin and bouncing off satellites and making my cellphone beep and twitter.
N--Sorry to leave so quickly this morning, I get restless and need to move when I first wake up. I'll just be relaxing here tonight if you want to come over.
M--Still at Erica's in my PJ's. Mary's headed down to Daly City in a few, apologies to your buddy Mike.
N--No worries. I'll be up till one or two. You can come over any time before then.
M--Ugh. Finally home. Can't make it farther than my bed--later this week?
N--Sure thing sleepy head. I'll call you tomorrow. :)

Now, I think I'll go dress up like a ninja and go ride my motorcycle.

Happy Post-Labor Day.

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