"You better start bloggin' away, bitch"

I know, I know. I said full recap yesterday, but this is turning into a full-on story.

Highlights will include oldies but goodies like Fractional Boyfriends and The Lower Haight Connection as well as new headcase bullshit like "The Friend Line". I'm giving you gold, here.

And yes chatch, he totally read it. And yes, I definitely choose cocktails.

Oh, and here's a pic for shits and giggles:

Title supplied by Lisa via my voicemail.



Anonymous said...

well shazam girl, get to the writing!! santa fe's boring without anything to read!

TSG said...

no comment

lisa said...

Don't make me invoke the dreaded "C" word...Too funny, I just left you a vm w/o listening to yours first or seeing this. Um, you call that "blogging away," chatch? I think you owe us ALL a drink! Hear that, everyone? Drinks are on Moxie!