You're welcome.

I'd like to take this opportunity to tell all of you how very, very pleased I am that you loved "Open Letter". I never thought it would be the most talked about and linked to post I ever wrote on this li'l blog. It's funny, you know? I feel like I've said way more exlplosive things on here like "Revenge Is a Beer Best Served Cold" or "The Five Stages" or something.

Anyway, it's list time. This one's mildly assorted, and consists of 5.

1. Got many many many comments on "Open Letter", some in person, some on the phone, up to and including this one on my blog:
Holy shit I loved this one. You are not alone in your crazy but sane thoughts. My latest crush literally was telling me a week ago that somehow I should feel good about the fact that were weren't hooking up. I think I felt I understood her, I mean I couldn't put a finger on why I wasn't trying to get in her pants (oddly enough) but after reading your blog, I get it. I think I do. Gracias, senorita bloggista. --Joey
Get ready to hear from/about him, and know him as "The Psychiatrist".

2. Here's a pic of Meredith and I.

3. "Open Letter" spurned much debate culminating in many-a-text from The TSG, to whom it is written. In accordance with the original plan laid out in said letter, I told him he could come over last night. It went pretty great, actually, and I really considered...well, reconsidering.

Wait a minute. I'm totally leaving something out.

Damnit, I'm not quite sure why I feel like censoring myself right now, but for the time being, just trust me that there was one paticularly poignant moment that I can't quite put words to yet.

4. I talked to Mark "RCU" William today.
"Ahhh, BCT," he remarked, "there you are." Yes, here I am. And here I am telling him all about The TSG in response to him congratulating me on another stellar post. And I am telling him that yes, second chances are indeed being granted.

5. Tonight, while on the phone with Mary, I recieved the #1 most ridiculous text message I have ever recieved. It was from The TSG.

This is a list in brief form.
Full recap tomorrow.

I need to sleep on this one.


lisa said...

holy crap, chatch! He actually saw it? Did he google you?

huntsmanic said...

ah, shit, bct : :: let's talk when the time is right. i trust you slept on it good and hard, all night long.

lisa said...

Alright! That's it, chatch! You some serious 'plainin' to do, Lucy! Utterly confused. And as a writer, I except, er, expect! (God, I hate Freud) you to *clarify* life, not muck it up! That, or cocktails, you choose...