Blogs and Bloodlust

Wow. Hey guys guess who I heard from? That's right--The Benjamin Singer Blogging Experience for the Ladies.

Don't know about Blog Wars 2005? Oh kiddos, if you have never dug around in my archives, now would be a good time. In fact, here are some links so you can easily chronicle the entire episode which were The Blog Wars.

The basic premise was to take 5 warring blogging highschoolers from Canada, add a San Franciscan sex blogger and writer (that would of course refer to myself) a couple of team blogs (our old gang blog, Team Tenderloin and our sister gang from SC of which half lives here now, Eggroll, Bagel, Cookie, Vengeance: The Four Ninja Food Groups) an Australian kid, and then sprinkle generously with bloggers from all over the country and hilarity ensued.

Here's your crash course, in chronological order. Do read the comments on each post.

1. It's a Blog Eat Blog World
Also note for this post: To Quote/Hack Mobb Deep, from Nicholas Mathisen.

2. The Slaughterhouse Five

3. Rally the Troops, Yo!

And then the entries cam pouring in...
4. Ben Singer

5. Michael Herman

6. Charles Firestone

7. David Fromstien

8. Lauren Silver

Then, the returns...
9. Early Returns

And finally...
10. A New Hope

Hope you enjoy this little trip down Blog Memory Lane. Worth the read. Trust.

Oh, and a big what's up to Ben. Thanks for droppin' a line.



Dr. Joey said...

Yo. Use the force mofo. Plus just read your cosmo advice. Fucking funny. You make me raugh. F'ing, raugh out roud.

Peace out, chili pepper.

lisa said...

Dammit! I forgot how much I miss those little fuckers! Where were these funny, witty, smart kids when I was in High School? Fuck! C'mon Fromstein and Chaz! Blog again!

huntsmanic said...

blog memory lane, wow. fromstein is like that stand-offish guy at the office who's super loud and when he's drunk, but everyone loves it.

Thaozee said...

Hah, I'm glad you remember the Australian kid. This brings back some memories.