There is another open letter in the works.

Expect it today by seven.

If you don't see it, it purely means that I'm yet too scared to tell the truth.


10.15 edit:

Or it means that Comcast was out in my entire building for several days. All better.


lisa said...

Chatch, nothing to fear but fear itself...Of course, black, kettle. Expect an email soon w/ details.

Dr. Joey said...

Uh, it's 8:15 - you're late...just write it down already!

lisa said...

Tick tock, tick tock...

huntsmanic said...

hi. if you need lessons in scaredy-catness, you can always talk to me for 5m, and then, there, all better. what what.

tsg said...

there's still no open letter, so it's not really all better is it?? ;) heh heh

Moxie said...

F you all, especially Mark and Nathan. I'm freaking doing it right now!! Where are your explosive posts? Your gut-wrenching realizations splashed across the internet?

That's what I thought.