From San Francisco to Toronto, with love: 10/07-10/18

I'm sorry about your writing/boy problems. Maybe you need a vacation up to Toronto, hint hint? We might not party as hardy as Mary, but I have a nice ass, AND I watch lots of movies. But seriously, do new things, maybe? Give you some inspiratziah. That's fake hebrew for inspiration. Apparently, if you add the suffix -atziah to a word, it becomes Hebrew.
I never finished the last poem I started. It's from December. No one has seen these lines, so consider yourself blessed.

Looking for some inspiration
Anything will do
Looking for some motivation
Anything but you

It's not much, but it's all I got.
Now YOU have to keep in touch.

Kay, I'll make you a deal. You write me a piece and give me a place tostay, I'll come visit.
In the meantime, can I finish that poem for you? Just a thought.
More soon--boy problems lingering in the text message inbox of my cellphone.

PLEASE finish the poem. I think my soul broke, so I can't finish it myself. I know the feeling of problems in the inbox. I hope it's not Jeaney McCrapJeans begging for a little nookie. That'd be just sad.


Looking for some inspiration,
anything will do.
Looking for some motivation,
anything but you;
for all these years and all these times
were built from my conviction,
but of them all that were the best
were those when you withdrew.


Update on the wishlist by the way:

1. To not give a damn about my bad reputation.
2. Hoegaarden, no lemon, please.
3. A surprise guest at my party. What do you mean who? Do you not know the meaning of the word surprise?
4. To work past the hangover and be able to get on the plane the next day.
Oct 30 Tue N/S 1219 Depart Oakland (OAK) at 6:20PM
Arrive in Portland (PDX) at 7:55PM
Car/Hotel Reservations: Car EZ Rent-A-Car - Economy car
Nov 5 Mon N/S 3589 Depart Seattle/Tacoma (SEA) at 6:25PM
Arrive in Oakland (OAK) at 8:30PM
5. Cake.
6. An apology.
7. Champagne.
8. Caviar.
9. PBR.
10. Cake. The best kind. The thick and moist melt-on-your-tongue kind that seems ever more elusive with every one of these I have.

10 days.


Dr. Joey said...

You said cake twice. You must really like cake. Ah cake. Oh Shit! Maybe you mean caaaake. gotcha. That sorta cakie pie.


huntsmanic said...

hey will your phone work up here this time? i need to be prepared if you're to call me from unknown numbahs. say word.