Let's recap.


Listgames, for those of you who do not know, is when you take your list of your sexual partners, which everyone should have, and apply some sort of filter or modifier to it to try and statisfy it.

As my birthday looms, today is the day we will break it down by year, quantifying over ten years of my sexual history.
My birthday will describe the endpoint for every year, and only new partners will be noted. NEW PARTNERS.

16-17: 3
17-18: 0
18-19: 0
19-20: 0
20-21: 3
21-22: 5
22-23: 6
23-24: 15
24-25: 27
25-26: 20
26-27: 12

Go ahead, add it up. It's cool, homes.

Let's keep playing. Of those, how many had a significant other?

Those who had a...
Girlfriend: 11
Boyfriend: 2
Fiancee: 1
Wife: 3

And of those, how many of these significant others did I know personally?


Barring some kind of orgy situation where both members of the couple were involved?
Before last Saturday? None. Now?


It's weird finding out what you're capable of, especially when you can't remember your motivations, intent, drive, and about 99% of your actions.

Continued Wishlist:

1. To see Aubrey. I haven't seen her in years, and I'm dying to dish about Will, even though it was 2 years ago.
2. French fries and PBR's at The Canturbury with Mark.
3. Pumpkin Ale's at The Duck with Gavin and Mary.
4. Breakfast with my Niece and hopefully Amanda Mae.
5. Cake.

6 days.



Dr. Joey said...

Almost speechless, but mostly sitting here with a grin. Nice stats. Hope you're well. Just wait until your thirties girl!!

lisa said...

OK, and I thought we needed to talk about the TSG blow up...CALL!!! I don't care when, but call TODAY, chatch!

lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Chatch! Didn't have my phone this weekend...