Forever Puppy: How one's hometown can make 27 feel like 17.


1. Spent a few days in Portland. Hung out with Mary and met Jenna. Who is awesome.
2. On Halloween, we hung out in my old neighborhood and went a'drinkin'. If you're wondering about my big, round belly in the previous pics, it's because my costume was "pregnant".
3. Friday night we got to Seattle. Crystal was already drunk by the time we got to The Duck. In an attempt not to drink until 8:30 like our previous first night in Seattle, we totally quit by 6.
4. Went to hidden beach.
5. Morning found us at Gavin's talking about how we should run upstairs and brush our vagina's with Jeremaiah's toothbrush.
6. Ahh...the Five Spot. Bloody Mary's and Benny's. Sweet.
7. Off to Crystal's house to shower and change. That took till 8 that night.
8. The Nitelight. That might be my last time there before Pearl Jam tears it and the rest of the block down. Fucktards.
9. Smitty and A-A-Ron's house. Drank 'till the realatively reasonable hour of four. By four, I mean daylight saving's four. Kind of like five.
10. Breakfast at Charlie's on Broadway in the back bar. More bloody Mary's.
11. Picked up my reantal car and helped put Amanda's show up in Ravenna.
12. Back to Crystal's to shower and change.
13. PBR's with RCU on the Ave. One of the most perfect evenings I've had in some time.
14. Cruised up to Kenmore for a beer at Smitty's bar.
15. Finally made it all the way back down South to Woody's for some Trailer Park Boys and sleepy time.
16. Back to Crystal's to eat, shower, and change.
17. Picked up my Niece at school.
18. Hugged and kisses her for dear life, then left to get on my plane.
19. Nearly missed my flight--this is the closest call I've ever had. They literally closed the door behind me when I got on.
20. Got home just in time for a text from Crystal: "Get that foot away from my Vagina!"

Dedicated to Mary Starr, Crystal Wren, Amanda Michelle Dellinger, Mark William Huntsman, Peter "Big Ass Tree" Smith, Alexis Woody Lopez, Alexis Myricks, Aaron Gerking, Kyle Eberle, and the venerable Gavin Roberts--

Because I fucking love you guys.

Even Kyle.



Dr. Joey said...

Holy shit, you're back?! Thought we lost you there for a minute. Nice pics, btw. Only a few on my blog... Nice to see you didn't abandon your dear readers. I'd have to come over and kick your ass if you stopped blogging...

lisa said...

Yay! The bitch is back! Now my ring tone has REAL meaning...

huntsmanic said...

yes and yes: one of the most perfect evenings i've had in some time. btw, we made cancer airborne and contagious. you're welcome. we're science.