I'm Back.

Stories to follow. Here's some pics.



huntsmanic said...

..fuck that, i'm done, i don't give a shit. just pile all those things in a bowl, is there a way the bowl could play this mortal coil's it'll end in tears album while i'm eating it my darkened apartment at 2 in the morning, just kind of staring into the middle distance? america has spoken : PILE MY FOOD IN A FUCKING BOWL--I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. i'll have it all in one fucking ... i just want kind of a light brown HILLOCK of glop ... if you could put my lunch in a blender and LIQUIFY it and then put it into a caulking gun, and then inject it right into my femoral artery, that'd be even better. but! until you invent a lunch gun, i would like A FAILURE PILE IN A SADNESS BOWL.

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