Punk Rock and Its Many Uses

There was a time in the long, long ago when my perverbial five disc changer was stocked with...

Okay, fine. Emo. Yeah, I hid behind the "Indie Pop" and "Alt Country" monikers, but come on bro--that shit is so Emo.


Since moving to San Francisco, I can't handle all of this overly sentimental crap in large doses--I've replaced it with tons and tons of driving guitar and balls-to-the-wall lyricism that I have, just yesterday decided, prevents me from hearing what's going on in my own head.

Meaning? Meaning that an Against Me! live album or a Buzzcocks comp disc keeps my mind from running when I don't have time for it to.

No, this doesn't make sense. But it will.

As soon as NaNoWriMo is over, I'll explain in detail.


p.s.--The Psychiatrist's party is tomorrow. Need to catch up on my word count before then.

p.p.s.--Sup Hunts. I'm totally eating out of a bowl right now. A Sadness Bowl.


lisa said...

Mirands, you are the shit. Seriously. And I am an abject asshole for not going with you tonight. I apologize. My heart is a wee bit broken over something you would say "Fuck that crap! Move on, chatch!" but I find I can't...yet. Dr. Joey, happy birthday. I apologize. Many wishes to you and yours.

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