Sex Objects.

Man, I suck at this "blogging" thing lately.

I thought I owed some excerpts. Here are my top ten favorite sentances from my NaNoWriMo endeavors of 2007.

10. "He is lovely in the way an aging Aunt might use the word."

9. "I write. I work. I party.”

8. "It’s been hard the last year in San Francisco without her, without our traipsing about the Tenderloin and Lower Haight together, without our joint drunken adventures between Whiskey Thieves and Molotov’s and Summer Place."

7. “I got three beers, and an inch left in a fifth of Smirnoff."

6. “Kay. I’ll be right here being completely pious.”

5. "I wonder if she’s already mentioned that I’m slutty, to boot."

4. "Ha Ha, I said laughingly!"

Okay, just kidding. I didn't write that, Hunts did, but I've been saying it all the time for days now, no stopping point yet in sight. This line has the potential to be one of my favorite lines of all time up there with "stack it up", "based on what", and "O. R. they". Ha Ha. I said laughingly.

4. “I never was much of a boy scout.”

3. "It just goes to show, just when you think you can escape your past, there it is again, naked in your bed."

2. "Go wash the fucking sin off, put yourself together, and call me when you get off, no pun intended."

1. "Mind blowing, vag exploding, leg shaking, cradle robbing sex."

Will I win? Hmm...we'll see.

p.s.--Seriously, I do't know if I can finish this. I'm behind, I've been behind since I started, and now I find myself staring at the screen more often than actual typing is happening. The solitude is getting to me--it's staring to verge on lonliness.

p.p.s.--Also, I need to get laid. Ha ha, I said laughingly.

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huntsmanic said...

OH SHIT, i said poopingly: the smile you've brought to my face will be here all afternoon, which is a delight, as i've got 32h to write about 40 pages.