Days Off=New Piece

Chase lent me a book that the entire world has read, and yet somehow I never had. Then I read it Thursday night. Then I wrote a piece yesterday and today.

I just talked to Lisa who said I owed excerpts, so enjoy. Here's [roughly, meaning I have taken some stuff out that would have to be in context] how it concludes.

I just want you to remember that it's not about regret, and it's not about having lived through some hard-knock-woe-is-me-bullshit. This here is real, and important, and more than that, it is good. Remember the day before we all got evicted and we sat on the fire escape just daring the sun to set on our perfection? That is how it should always feel--because regardless of the outcome, this is what we have built, and we built it this way on purpose because we can, indeed, climb higher than most. Ours is not to be left unhappy with the decisions we were free to make, but rather to gather all of our consequences togoether under one header, set it to a youthful soundtrack, and offer a hearty cheers to everything we have now.
Mostly Miranda, I don't want you to forget that interlaced with every last fucking tear is years that you will miss. I need you never to forget that history and poinancy are two different things, that this, right now, feels fantastic.
Miranda, remember that it was good. It really was.



lisa said...

Chatch, fantastic. I have a LOT to say about that excerpt that runs from Havel to Sufism so until next time...

lisa said...


huntsmanic said...

that's trending sharply towards deep, bct: i like it. happy holidays, hey? sorry not to call back the other day; i got swept up in the madness. it's very demanding sometimes to be me. to paraphrase flight of the conchords, just because i'm in a 2-man novelty band / doesn't mean it's all about poontang / i can't go around lovin' everyone / i'm only one man, ladies / pretty babies.